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Hell Week: Tribulations in Boulders Front Range

Hell Week: Tribulations in Boulders Front Range

There are 5 routes up and down the most popular peaks in the Boulder Skyline. You have 5 days to complete them, Monday thru Friday. You may attempt them in any order and as many times as you like. To be eligible you must complete them over the same period as everyone else. To find out the date of this totally pointless endeavor just show up to any RMR run and ask the stupidest looking person you find. They are sure to know. Rankings will be listed by ascent time, descent time and overall time. Submissions will only be accepted by links to GPS evidence or showing suitable injuries that you are sure to sustain on this frivolous jaunt." 

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At the heart of the Petzl enterprise you will find the will of its founders to serve their passion for exploration.  Today, more than ever, Petzl reaffirms this commitment.
- Allow the prgoress of users engaged in their own pursuits (professional or athletic) whether in the vertical realm or somewhere more obscure.
- Share our expertise with the community.


Anton Krupicka

Anton Krupicka - A Day in the Life

The run on this particular day was from my doorstep in downtown Boulder, Colorado up to Chautauqua Park, and then up and over Green Mountain and down Bear Canyon, returning to Chautauqua and town via the classic Mesa Trail. This is a very standard mountain loop here in Boulder, but on this particular day it was the morning after a fruitful upslope winter storm that had dumped over a foot and a half of fresh snow on everything. Normally, when I get out in the Flatirons it's to actually climb and scramble, linking together several of the rock formations in an outing. However, after a big storm like this, it's a challenge to merely make it to the top of the mountain and the primary objective becomes to just get out, experience the fresh beauty, and hopefully get a few first tracks, breaking trail before the rest of Boulder's extremely active population motivates.

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La Sportiva Mountain Cup #1: Marin Ultra Challenge 25K

The first race in the La Sportiva Mountain Cup Series for 2016 kicked off in Sausalito, CA! Here's a short clip that gives you an idea of what it's like to race with the best.

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Pam Smith: Come-back Half - 01/26/2016

Last Sunday I ran the local Cascade Half Marathon. In terms of performance, I had nothing riding on a set time and I didn't take the lead up to the race very seriously, yet, the day before the race I found myself really worried. I realized I was using this race as a test, a test to see if I really could control my asthma and get back to racing again. More...

Kristina Folcik - THE YEAR OF ADVENTURING! - 01/25/2016

To motivate me to keep cross training I booked a trip to attempt to climb Mount Hood this year! I started my high pointing adventure several years ago and this one will be my last glaciated peak which is bittersweet. More...

Leor Pantilat: Miller Santa Lucia Fir Grove - 01/25/2016

I’ll admit it: I’m enamored with the majestic Santa Lucia Fir, Abies bracteata. The species is the rarest fir on the earth and can only be found on the rocky peaks or canyon bottoms in the Santa Lucia mountain range. More...

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Winter Running: Hobnail Kit Tutorial

Winter Running: Hobnail Kit Tutorial

Hobnails are an essential tool in my winter running toolbox. I put them in once the first real snow falls and I leave them in my Crossover 2.0 GTX ($190) until the I plant my radishes (Early May in CO).

The La Sportiva Hobnail Kit ($54) provides enough traction on snow and ice that I feel comfortable running in all conditions. On roads and dry trails, they are barely noticeable, but on ice and snow, they add grip and peace of mind to your run.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to get your hobnails into the sole of your Sportivas.

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Ryan Woods

Ryan Woods

Let’s say you’re a runner residing between Georgia and Maine or maybe between California and Oklahoma.  You’ve got several notches on your belt from your local 10k but your times have dipped or the excitement has gradually faded as the city blocks blend seamlessly into monotony.  Maybe the excitement remains but you’re looking to add an event to your calendar to keep motivation high throughout the year.  Well if you live in or near the aforementioned states you may be missing out on a running challenge that will take your breath away.  Literally.  I’d like to formally introduce you to mountain running.

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