Bronwyn Morrissey

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Running from Heart

By Bronwyn Morrissey

We arrive at the trailhead and park the car.  I look at all the running gear on the seat next to me: a handheld water bottle, a heart rate monitor and watch, a full running pack and my La Sportiva running hat. I grab only my hat, leaving the rest. My partner and I hit the trail. Today I run with no agenda, no plans, no goal and I run to escape the hectic pace of life. For a period of time, I just enjoy being outside and clearing my mind.

As we run around the first corner and start to head up the hill, I notice the sweet smell of the pine trees. My partner bolts ahead of me. I stay relaxed in the rhythm I have grown comfortable over the years with seeing the clouds and feeling the cool breeze as I wander the forested trail.

Often times when I run, there is a specific goal of distance, speed, heart rate or elevation gain. On those days I focus inward on how my legs, heart and lungs are working together. I ask myself “can I go faster? Can I push harder? Can I pass the guy in front of me?” I am not aware of what my eyes are seeing, my mind occupied with training is elsewhere and busy. Physically I may be on the trails     but my mind doesn’t even notice the beauty I am missing.

Today is different, or should I say today is becoming the norm. I am running to enjoy what is around me and clear my mind. I feel my body where it is in the moment and I don’t push it to do more. Every step is a joy and a blessing. Looking around me I see nature in a different way and I am curious, wondering how long that interesting rock I pass has been on the side of the trail and what has it seen. I feel my feet hitting the earth and I am experiencing the now.

As we reach the top of the hill the air suddenly warms, a welcome respite form the approaching winter. We turn around and head down towards “reality” but I hold off all that I should do for another few miles. Again my running buddy, who has no brakes flies down the hill without a care.  As my two legs turn over quickly on the steep section, his four legs flow effortlessly galloping along in the pure joy of running.

When we reach the end of our adventure I pat his head “Good boy Tucker” and we jump back in the car. Today we run because we love to run. Today we run from heart.


Stanley, Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bronwen,you have touched me on so many lveels with this post. My husband has never worn a wedding ring because he is a carpenter. There is the ever present danger of catching it in machinery. Not a pretty thought.Regarding Welsh gold, I toured a gold mine there a few years ago and while I could not afford anything major, was lucky enough that my husband brought a bracelet with small lozenges of the Welsh gold, which is a rose coloured gold, and each lozenge has one letter. They spell out curiad which is beloved in Welsh.And lastly I am the worlds worst for losing things. This past summer I lost two rings. I was sure I had them at my relatives' house and then convinced myself I must have removed them in a bathroom somewhere when handwashing. Nine months later the called to say they had found them tucked behind the drapery in the bedroom we used when there. So happy.And I love your Prince Charming story too!

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