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Monday, April 29, 2013

Breakout Athlete - Tiva Ames

By La Sportiva

After a decisive victory at the 2013 Canine Classic, Tiva Ames's consistent performances could no longer go unnoticed.  La Sportiva had a chance to catch up with Tiva and her partner, La Sportiva Athlete Andy Ames, after the event.

Tiva Ames, age 6

Career Highlights: Undefeated. 3-time winner of Cause for Paws, 3-time winner Canine Classic 5k, winner of Longmont's Doggie Days 5k.  5k PR is 15:54.

LS:  Congratulations on your most recent win at the Canine Classic!

TA: (looks at us curiously)

LS: There must have been a lot of pressure riding on this race seeing that you are the defending champions.  What was your training regimen for this event?

AA: I run 3 miles with Tiva Monday and Friday and we walk every evening about half an hour. She cross trains with swimming. Tiva is a firm believer in recovery and takes naps throughout the day.
LS: Last year, you lost some time when Tiva stopped for a bathroom break.  

LS: Did you strategize how to avoid this in 2013?AA: I was hoping she would go before the race but she was just too excited. She was able to hold it in until after the race, however. The big problem last year was the heat. Tiva stopped for quite a while at the aid stations to jump in the kiddie pool to cool off and we lost a lot of our lead. This year was cooler so she didn't spend as much time drinking water. Plus Rachel gave her a haircut the day before the race. Even still she jumped right in the water after the finish.LS: How did the competition compare from this year to last?  Any bulldogs or Boxers that looked threatening?  
AA: We didn't have near as much competition as last year. On the starting line Tiva could hardly hold herself back while all the other dogs looked as calm as could be. The other dogs looked psyched out before we even started!
LS: Any new equipment in the K-9 world that improved your performance?
AA: Tiva is really into the minimalist movement. When we first started running Tiva would wear Vibram booties. Now she runs barefoot.
LS: What were the post race ceremonies/festivities like?
AA: After cooling off in the pools, Tiva mingled in the race expo and picked out a new squeaky toy.
LS: What’s next for you two?  
AA: Dinner and a nap.TA: (Looks at Andy eagerly as her ears perk up)
LS: Were there any moments that you saw the repeat victory slipping from your grasp, or was the entire race locked down?AA: Tiva had everyone intimidated before the start. We took off at the start and never felt challenged. Last year we just held on to win by a few seconds. This year was close to 2 minutes.
LS:  What was the mental crux of the race for you?  For Tiva?
AA: The first mile I just hang on for dear life. We run through a prairie dog field in the second mile so that really keeps Tiva excited. The last mile we were so far ahead I just tried to keep her focused on getting to the finish.
LS: Every team has good and bad moments.  Were there any points where you didn't believe Tiva was the bestpartner for you?
AA: No. It was love at first sight!
LS:  Thank you both for taking the time to chat with us today.  Enjoy you're much earned nap and treats!

TA: (Wags tail and jumps up)

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