Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mountain Running® Videos

Welcome to the La Sportiva Mountain Running Videos page.  Below you will find videos about all things trail running from La Sportiva.  Feel free to browse by date by scrolling down the page or press "ctrl f" to type in keywords and search the entire page for a specific video.


08/18/2011  Olympus the Fast Way with Jared Campbell

06/23/2011  Western States Pre-race Interview with AJW

see more videos from at the iRunFarMedia page on YouTube

06/22/2011  Nathan Yanko's HardRock Hill Repeats

06/20/2011  MorphoDynamic Technology

06/09/2011  Nathan Yanko's HardRock Training Kit

06/05/2011  Team Sportiva at 2011 RothRock

see more videos from at the iRunFarMedia page on YouTube

05/23/2011  2011 Jemez Half Marathon

06/15/2010  2010 La Sportiva Mountain Cup Video


04/04/2010  Mt. Penn Mudfest Mountain Cup Video

04/17/2008  Mountain Running® Commercial


Adriana, Thursday, January 15, 2015

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