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5/30/2013 Tim Long Takes 5th at Sage Burner 50K!

La Sportiva Ambassador took 5th place at the Sage Burner 50K after an impressive performance.  See the overallresults here!




5/6/2013 RunColo Interviews Justin Ricks!

Sure running is great, but travel really gets me going. Put the two together, along with family and a cute little dog, and you've got Justin Ricks' life. Since leaving his job last year, Ricks has been, as cliche as it is, living the dream. Now sponsored by La Sportiva and with a big win at the Moab Red Hot 55k earlier this year, he and his family are in the middle of a six-month road trip that's already taken them to the deep South, the mid Atlantic, and at the date of this writing, to Montana. Read on to see what Ricks, who still calls Pueblo home, has learned so far and about what adventures are ahead.

I think a lot of your road trip is built around running, right? You've run the Little Rock Marathon (2:34), the Virginia Beach Marathon (DNF), and then are doing a lot of the La Sportiva Mountain Cup races. Your whole family runs, how important is running to you guys? If not for those races, would you be going to different places? I mean, are there places you'd rather visit if you didn't have to consider race sites? 

When we first started planning this road trip, we researched where we would like to go and then found some races along the way. The races, though, kept us motivated to stay the planned route instead of heading back towards Colorado, which we would have done on a few occasions. We are now planning our route so as to run the La Sportiva Mountain Cup races but are headed to some places that we are anxious to explore.

My wife and I have encouraged our children, Malachi and Kylah, to have an active lifestyle and feel as though we are leading by example. Running has become an important part of my life and my family is very supportive of me. My kids have grown to love the sport as well. They like to explore the areas we are visiting and usually run/hike behind me on the trail. more

10/12/2011  Blanton's 50K Double Header

La Sportiva Athlete Sean "Run Bum" BLanton completed two 50Ks this past weekend in a total time of 10:27.  Blanton sent La Sportiva a message to report on his weekend: 

"Saturday, at the StumpJump I had a good race. I held a nice steady pace the entire time and felt good. I held back a bit because I had to run a 50k the next day.  My goal was to break 5 hrs and never get passed. I did both of those; 4:57 and passed A LOT of people the 2nd half of the race.  I finished 11th overall and it was a great feeling. I wore the X Country and it continues to be my shoe of choice for technical trail runs. I did not fall once and pounded the downhills like a banshee.  I do not wear insoles in my shoes.

Sunday my 50K race, FATS 50k was just an easy fun run. I ran 5:30 and really surprised myself. I hold the course record for it at 4:34 and am still 1 of only 2 people to break 5 hrs on it.  I wore my Fireblades with no insoles. My energy, feet, legs etc all felt great the entire day. I decided to hammer in the last 7.5 miles hard. low 6 min miles after taking it easy all day.  the winning time was 5:08 and i was 5:30 the day after another 50k. I was very happy. My training for the AT is working.

No blisters, 1 fall for the weekend, a huge smile and legs that dont hurt too bad. I actually played soccer yesterday. I am really surprised how good my legs feel.  Taking a tad bit of down time this week.


Run Bum"

Blanton will be attempting the speed record of the AT trail sometime in 2012.  Stay tuned for updates about Sean and the rest of the La Sporitva Mountain Running Team.


05/01/2011  Pantilat Crushes Course Record

La Sportiva Athlete Leor Pantilat oblitereated the course record at yesterday's Quicksilver 50 Mile when he crossed the finish line in 6:01:45, 14 minutes faster than the previous record set by Chikara Omine.  Leor has posted a great race report on his blog which can be viewed here.  Congratulations, Leor on a great race! 




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03/29/2011  Bowman Sets Course Record

 La Sportiva Athlete Dylan Bowman set a course record at the Buffalo Run 50 Mile in Antelope Island, UT on his way to first place overall.  Bowman crossed the finish line with an unofficial time of  6:15:35, nearly 20 minutes in front of 2nd place.  Bowman wrote a great race report from the weekend which can be found by clicking the link below.  Congrats to Dylan for an excellent performance and for setting the new standard for the Buffalo Run 50 Mile race.  Read More...



02/28/2011  4th Overall for Yellow Dart

 La Sportiva Athlete Josh Wheeler placed 4th over at last weekend's Mt. Mitchell Challenge.  The field was very competitive and Josh has written a great race report detailing the events from the day.  Read More...






02/21/2011  Bowman 4th Overall at Red Hot 55

 La Sportiva Athlete Dylan Bowman had an impressive performance at last weekend's Red Hot 55K in Moab, UT placing 4th overall among a tough field.  Dylan wrote up a great article on his blog recounting the race.  Check it out below.  Nice work Dylan!  Read More...





02/17/2011  Around Alaska in 176 Days

 Nobody had ever done it before: Hike, ski, and raft 4,679 miles through eight national parks, dozens of mountain ranges, and the length of the Yukon territory. Then along came Andrew Skurka.  Read More...






02/07/2011  3,063 miles. 52 days. 57 years old. 

People drive across the United States all the time, touring the 3,000-plus miles for vacation, relocation, or rite of passage. Every now and then, someone makes the trip on foot, taking a year or more to walk across the great expanse of our country.
Marshall Ulrich ran from San Francisco to New York City in 52.5 days. He was 57 years old and making an attempt to break a world record set by a man half his age.
Completing the mind-bending and body-breaking equivalent of 117 back-to-back marathons, he ran an average of more than 400 miles a week, gained 84,430 feet in elevation, dealt with temps ranging from below freezing to the upper 90s, and crossed 12 states.
Ulrich is a versatile, world-class extreme endurance athlete, not only a legendary ultra-runner but also Seven Summits mountaineer and adventure racer. So although his new book, "Running on Empty," is a memoir mostly about the transcontinental run, it also includes tales and lessons learned from all his athletic pursuits, some painful, some funny, some completely life-changing.

"Riveting--the man has endured more, experienced more, accomplished more than you can imagine."
AMBY BURFOOT, editor at large of Runner's World
"An athlete of astonishing grit ..."
MARK BURNETT, producer of Survivor, Eco-Challenge, The Apprentice and others
"Marshall is The Man. Definitively ... Nothing can stop him, and that gives us all hope, gives us resolve to keep trying."
DEAN KARNAZES, ultra distance runner and author of Ultramarathon Man
"Tempting as it might be to describe him as superhuman, Marshall has fallen and struggled ... His story ... is ours."
ARON RALSTON, author of Between a Rock and a Hard Place and subject of 127 Hours.   Read More...


02/07/2011  Blanton Ready to Rumble!

La Sportiva Athlete Sean Blanton took first place in Sunday's Red Top Rumble, narrowly squeezing by good friend Jim Bickelhaupt in a race that came down to the wire.  Click the link below to read the full race report from the Run Bum himself.  Read More...





02/07/2011  2011 Mountain Cup is Underway!

And they’re off!… or at least those running the 2011 La Sportiva Mountain Cup are. This year La Sportiva kicked off the Mountain Cup two months earlier than last year in the mountains of North Carolina at the 20th Uwharrie Mountain Run. The Uwharrie Mountain Run is actually three races, an 8 miler, a 20 miler, and a 40 miler, with the 20 miler included in the Cup.

It rained heavily the night before the race. While the storm broke before the 20 milers toed the line, it was still a raw run on a relentless course. Mountain Cup regular Rachel Cieslewicz commented after the race, “it was the wettest, coldest, crazy technical 20 mile trail run I’ve raced.” Others reported “the trail conditions were pretty gnarly” and “a couple people ate it.” Having run the 40 miler, I can assure you that the course is quite technical and unforgiving.

Read the full race report from's Bryon Powell...


01/25/2011  1st Endurance and La Sportiva Team Up

 As we launch into 2011 First Endurance is excited to continue to support endurance athletes by expanding focus into the world of Ultrarunning.  In the past five years we have worked with a few Ultrarunners and appreciate their enthusiasm and commitment to the product.  Moving forward we look to increase our connection with and commitment to this strong community of amazing athletes.  Read More...




01/18/2011  Bryant 3rd at Bandera 100K

 La Sportiva Athlete Jason Bryant, an accomplished mountain runner from Elkin, NC added another stellar performance to his resume over the weekend.  Bryant placed third in the USA 100K Trail Championships, held Saturday just outside of Bandera, Texas. His time of 8:57:19 was one of four that beat the existing course record.  Says Bryant in a letter to La Sportiva:  "I finished 3rd In 8:57.19 and heavily abused myself.  I had about 6-7 pounds of swelling on Sunday into Monday.  I had decided to take a little more risk before the race.  I was 6th most of first loop, moving up to 4th near the end.  Then Geoff Roes dropped at 50K.  I went through in 4:05, over 20 minutes behind Mackey.  The last loop was rough, 4:52!  I was fighting to get hold of Dan(9:34 at Where's Waldo this year) the whole loop.  No regrets.  I'm just not ready to be a guy who surrenders on the starting line.  Maybe I'm still good at being delusional."  Read More...