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Sunday, November 29, 2015

French Creek State Park || Birdsboro, PA

Dirty Bird 15K Trail Run

Those of you that slept thru History class (or perhaps, all of high school) might be surprised to learn that Ben Franklin initially proposed that our national bird "symbol" be the “Turkey”, not the "Eagle". Thank God that he misplaced his bifocals before he could write up THAT proposal. Eagles fly with grace & great speed; Turkeys, when excited, “flop” up & down like a Sumo wrestler making whoopee. Turkeys also “flock” in the disgusting mud & eats bugs; the more majestic Eagle lives in the billowy clouds & kills prey! Then there’s that disgusting thing on their neck that looks VERY similar to what is going on right below your Great Uncle Sol's chin. Admittedly, entire industries have developed to offset the least attractive aspects of both birds' prominent feature when they occur on humans; the turkey "neck" and the "baldness" of the eagle. Still, the deciding factor for our ancestors was the thought of millions of Americans, each late Nov, sticking their entire arm up the butthole of our national symbol! That would almost be like giving a prostate exam to Uncle Sam!! More...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Woodside, CA

Woodside Ramble

The forested slopes and steep, cool canyons of Huddart and Wunderlich Parks are a trail running paradise within the heart of the San Francisco Peninsula. Along the many small streams and gullies, runners will enjoy the beautiful trails under the canopy of towering 2nd and 3rd generation, moss covered redwoods. As you climb, you’ll enter the mixed evergreen forest, which leads to the drier chaparral and manzanita covered area of the ridge-line. Soak in the breath-taking views – and hills – on these pine covered, twisting single-track trails, including the renowned Crystal Springs and Skyline Trails. Keep your eyes pealed, as you’ll probably be sharing the trails with black-tailed deer, coyotes, bobcats and grey foxes. Distances of 10K, Half Marathon, 35K and 50K make for the perfect proving grounds for runners, and hikers, of all abilities – from first time trail runner to grizzled, ultra-marathon veteran. More...